Royal Coffee face Scrub

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You might have noticed by now I've been asking my friends with businesses for the recipes. This is a special friend that is close my heart.
(oui certains articles sont en anglais 😊)

Blankita has been a friend for almost 10 years and she's a beauty specialist from hair to makeup and skin care.

I asked her to share her face scrub recipe that she makes with, well, our coffee Obviously 😉

It's called Coffee Queen's ☕ 👑 face Scrub by Blankita.
☕ 1 tbsp of "Coffee Queen" grounded coffee

☕ 1 tbsp of brown sugar

☕ 1 tbsp of organic coconut oil 🥥

1 tbsp of sweet almond oil (or oil of your choice)
Methodology :
Mix the coffee and sugar together in a small bowl.

Add the coconut oil and mix well. It's going to be thick (that's what we want look at the picture down here)

Then, simply apply on your face, avoiding the eyes and leaving it on for 5 minutes.

You might feel tingling sensation (that's a good sign)

Finally, gently scrub in the shower or over the sink. The coffee ground will remove all the dead skin cells and stimulate your circulation.

Rinse with warm water and enjoy the royal lustrous experience that the CoffeeQueen's royal face scrubs procures.

Sceptical ? Check out Blankita trying it out right here
🤗 P.s in the end it works really well for your entire body. Use it for your hands, feet or back. Really feels great as it's coarser than most commercial scrubs.

Out of coffee ? Order yours here :)


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