What is CoffeeGang after all

  • by Taina Chalifoux

Hello CoffeeGang,

This is the first time that I am addressing you in an “official” way and I am a little feverish.

I've always talked about my business and everything I learn about it informally (like on instgram in story), but this is the first time I'm doing it and it's going to stay.

As they say, the writings remain and the words fly away.

Here's how I want to start the #CoffeeGang: we're going to divide it into 4 sections that should encompass quite a bit all the subjects that take from starting a business to growing.



Allies / Mentors


Through these sections I will put all the tips, tricks, tools and contacts that may be useful to you.

And then, I will add a 5th one: Selfcare
Because you are the most important thing in your business.

Well I will specify a few points on the entrepreneurial philosophy that joins the CoffeeGang

Growth for Growth sucks. (The #CoffeeGang is going to be very bilingual, I'll tell you right away)

We want to build a MUERTE business lifestyle (whatever the scale you want to reach)

We're more of the type Company of One'' than '' Blitz Scaling"(These are the two extremes of growing a business. I will be doing an article on that shortly)

No matter what product or service we sell, we do it with integrity

Here, we help each other OK? We give each other contacts, clients, intros, discounts, tips and time.

What we are trying to create is not a Side Hustle, a tangible company, respected and as much as possible which will bring you a certain security.

You are here because you are into business and want to make a living from your product / service / idea or even from your art. And that you know that there are important things to know that would take you a long time to discover on your own.

I'm here to give you all of my tips, shortcuts and lessons learned the hard way.

I want to be your shortcut to your corporate ideal

Not that I have achieved it myself, far from it, but, I believe, deeply that by sharing our experience, no matter what level, someone can benefit from it.

Isn't that enough as an intro?

If you find that you need more and you want to chat, you can write to me here on Facebook, it's the best way to reach me: CoffeeQueen Messenger

PS If you are wondering why it's called CoffeeGang, it's because my business is in the coffee shop at the commercial (Offices, restaurant, etc.) and that during the Covid crisis, everything closed and I I launched an ecomm for people at home in less than 24 hours.

If you have more coffee at home, it's over here -------- COFFEEQUEEN.CA

P.SS we also have tea and lots of beautiful accessories like that here ⬇️

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