The only 3 criteria you need to validate your project

  • by Taina Chalifoux

You have to start at the beginning. And while I know there are many reading me who already have a business, we need to go back to the source.

In addition, it applies for new projects.

What is the source? It's the click that pushes you to realize an idea.

The question we all ask ourselves: "Is my idea good?"

The idea that you chose to nurture and that you will be working on for a long time ...

Is it worth pursuing?

As I spend my time asking myself this question, I created a very simple little diagram that I use as a scale in order to know if it makes sense to me, to pursue an idea and to put time into it. (In short, to get involved and invest)

It's simple, it's a triangle with 3 criteria.

Each new project that I start fulfills 2 criteria out of 3 MINIMUM. I jump on anything that has 3/3 without hesitation, I seriously consider what has 2/3 and I don't pay attention to what meets only 1 criterion.

Here is my definition of each (which can vary according to your own perception, the objective is to have a guide, a scale that allows you to decide where to put your energies):

Obsession - You are obsessed with an idea, a solution, a method. You are convinced that your solution will put the user in a better position than they are right now by having your product / service. You think about it all the time. You are convinced that your idea is missing in the life of all your target. (I suggest you start with a single target)

Personally, when I was introduced to Eco-Pods I became completely obsessed with the idea of the eco-friendly aspect of eco-pods and that everyone using plastic or aluminum capsules would be better off with eco-pods. . ✔️

Expertise - You are an expert in an X domain, a Y method and it is related to your project.

I was not an expert in coffee, or anything when I started from my company. I had just a BAC in business and the illusion that I was ready to import goods from the other side of the world.

Opportunity - A door that is easier to open for you than for another. Direct contact that facilitates your entry, privileged information, etc.

Anything that gives you an EDGE, an edge over someone with the same idea or the same project.

In my case it was a direct link with the manufacturer and roaster for the Eco-pods in Italy. I had a direct intro to a trusted company there that had a product of unparalleled quality. This was an important EDGE since a big part of the challenge in entering my market was finding a trusted supplier halfway around the world who priced honestly and delivered consistent quality. In short, trustworthy people.✔️

The decision to start my own business was therefore based on the fact that the opportunity I had found had become an obsession.

Obsession + Opportunity
It is worth it for me to pursue the project or idea. It was my case for DiNapoli

Expertise + Opportunity
Very nice combo, my favorite mix

Obsession + Expertise
You will have to create your own opening, but the motivation that inhabits an obsessed expert is often strong enough for that;)

Launch CoffeeQueen (my coffee brand for people at home during COvid-19) comes from the economic situation of the 3

  • Expertise: I have been selling coffee for 6 years, I consider myself an expert in my niche
  • Opportunity : The Covid-19 crisis creates a very favorable environment for the launch of my brand in B2C and I have privileged access to the local suppliers that I need to do so
  • Obsession : I am obsessed with the survival of my business by the idea of continuing to sell coffee.

This time we just add a nice dose of "Necessity" to the mix, but as they say; Necessity is the mother of all invention.

So what is your Combo (or maybe you have a Trio;)

Write me on Messenger here (the little blue bubble on the right) if you want to talk about it.

If you are in severe case of '' BEFORE COFFEE '', Scroll down and order yourself a bag of coffee ☕ He will wake you up.


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