Chest, Bras, Chest, Bras - The real shake

  • by Taina Chalifoux

We can train well at home, what is missing is the '' shake bar '' and the minute we spend chatting at the counter ...

After resuming training this week (at home ...) I wanted a protein shake.

So my friend and director of the legendary Atlantis Gym, Simon deschenes, shares with me his most popular shake recipe (with a coffee in it of course).

1- 6oz of milk of your choice (Almond, Coconut, NORMAL also ..)

2- 1 Scoop of cocoa

3- 1 double espresso * for the brave

4- 2 Vanilla protein scoop

5- Ice cream to taste

PS ** a Scoop is the spoon of the protein pot 😜

After chest, arms, back ... there is also leg ok?

Pssssst ... If you want your shake to be good, you need a good coffee. Look at there are some down here. ⬇️

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