THE best alcoholic coffee recipe comes from Joliette.

  • by Taina Chalifoux

Admit that you wonder how come Joliette has the best naughty coffee recipe.

This is because in Joliette is the Sim's Irish Pub and that they have had the best recipe in addition to the best coffee for almost 6 years now ... I'll let you guess which one. ;)

It's simple, it spanks and it goes well with a morning at the end of the world.

1- 30 ml of Spell (a Canadian Whiskey with Maple Syrup)

2- Make a coffee '' with your preferred method (Espresso or MOCHA)

3- Froth 15 ml of Runner of the woods (a Quebec alcohol) with 60 ml of milk

4- As an EXTRA: Add maple sugar on top ... It seems that Francois Lambert has very good maple products


6- Enjoy!

Simon charette, owner also opened a Sim's In Rawdon, a perfect stopover after spending the day at the falls ... This summer. After confinement ...

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