Affogato - The best dessert coffee in the world

  • by Taina Chalifoux

Easy to make and delicious Italian dessert. The steps are simple, but the result exquisite.

1- Make a coffee '' with your preferred method (Espresso or MOCHA)

2- Choose between ice cream and gelato (at the moment we strongly suggest what you already have in the freezer, but traditionally it is hazelnut gelato the favorite)

3- Choose a glass to present. We recommend transparent glasses like these because it's really beautiful

4- Serve the ice cream / gelato in your glass

5- Let the hot coffee flow quietly ... (psst, place the glass directly under the head of the espresso machine is also perfect)

6- Enjoy

** This dessert is all the more perfect with a blend of Neapolitan coffee which brings a perfect balance to the dessert. For some Neapolitan coffee roasted here, take a look at

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