• by Taina Chalifoux

I am warning you, if you decide to add this item to your next grocery store ... (Cookie Bluff which is a cookie dough that is eaten raw and tastes heavenly)

You will never be able to do without it again. Here the warning is made. Read this recipe at the risk of your 'sugar-free month' starting tomorrow.

We go there simple, but pig:

1- Bake yourself a cookie bluff (follow the cooking time indicated on the container). You have the time, and yes it's worth baking the cookie dough.

2- Make 2-3 small balls of Cookie Bluff (I chose Festive Cake because it's festive, but not all cookie bluffs work) and put them in your beautiful transparent glass

3- Prepare your coffee Mocha or with your espresso machine

4- Take your cookie out of the oven if you forgot

5- Eat your Cookie-Gato with a spoon as you ate your Affogato accompanied by your biscotti cookie bluff.

** This dessert is all the more perfect with a blend of Neapolitan coffee which brings a perfect balance to the dessert. For some Neapolitan coffee roasted here, take a look at

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